Mission to Mars

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In order to get to mars we will have to build a large spaceship this means we build it in five pieces in space they will be able to slot into each other by way of docking into each section of the spaceship




Each piece of the ship will be shaped like a boomerage which we be able to fly independently which join together to make a large spaceship able to fly to Mars the spaceships will have to be assembled in space.When it is assembled it will be a very large sphere. Each country will be responable for the launch as it will involve five countries which will cut down the costs

First let me explain in order to get large amounts of supplies to Mars we will need a very big Spaceship (This will be done in Five sections each section is a ship in it self this will be assembled in space and will dock 1) The first section will be financed by a country 2) The second will slot into the first and paid by another country3) will be docked into the second and paid by yet another country so forth and so on. The Spaceship will have enough jellyseeds for parts of Mars perhaps in a place we call Manhattan as Mars has alot of carbon Dioxide in which plants can convert into air .It is good Mars has craters because this means we can build glass domes over the craters because they are already dug for us to spray turn it

upside down then built with hexagon bricks